2016 Lincoln Continental Review

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Ford announced that the brand-new 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept will be showcased at the 2015 New York Auto Show. The luxury sedan will return in 2016 after so many years. Fans of the original model demanded it and Ford Motor Company has decided to meet the expectations of its customers. The sedan will be completely redesigned.

front view

Concept Exterior and Interior Design

As you can see from the photos, the 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept kinda resembles some new Audi models, but with a longer wheelbase. In the front there are the sequential LED matrix headlights with laser high beams, and a unique mesh front grille with the four-pointed star badge that will be used in the future Lincoln models, replacing the old split grille. The rear end features full-width taillight featuring the so-called light-through-chrome technology and two pairs of flat exhaust tips integrated into the rear bumper. The concept is painted in modern Rhapsody Blue paint and rides on a pair of unique 21-inch wheels made of polished aluminium. Also, if you take a close look at the doors, you will barely notice the door handles hidden in the car’s beltline that pop-out.

rear view

Thanks to the transparent dynamically-tinting glass roof, the interior will receive enough light. The roof is made of the SPD SmartGlass that will darken at the touch of a button. During the night, the cabin will be illuminated by a golden ambient lighting. The most of the interior is covered in blue leather and Alcantara to match the exterior, and there is a lot of chrome accents. The center console extends all the way to the back; that’s why there are four seats inside instead of five. The seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted in 30 ways. The front passenger seat can be moved forward and folded, making more space for the passenger sitting behind it. The 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept has a really luxurious interior, the rear passenger can enjoy in a cold champagne, keep working on a tablet or laptop while listening to the music via the Revel Ultima premium audio system. The floor is covered with a deep-pile carpet.


EcoBoost Engine, Specs, Safety

The 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept comes with Ford’s 3.0L EcoBoost V-6 engine. No performance figures were given, but it is expected to produce at least 350 horsepower, which is good for at least 6 seconds of 0-to-60 mph sprint. It is said that the production model will come with a 10-speed automatic transmission sending the power to all wheels. The owner will be able to choose among three driving modes: normal, comfort and sport. The sedan is also expected to be very fuel efficient. Some of the safety features include parking and pre-collision assistants, adaptive steering, drive control, as well as a 360° camera that captures the car’s environment and sends it to the touch display.


Return of 2016 Lincoln Continental

The 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept will reportedly make its appearance and world premiere at the 2015 New York Auto Show this April. It was recently presented at a separate event just for the press. According to Ford Motor Company, the fullsize sedan will be released during next year. It will be available in both the United States and China.

Photo Gallery

front view

side view



rear seats

rear end

2016 Lincoln Continental Concept

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