2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version Review

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The 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version would be made exclusively for a particular kind of customers due to its design and specifications. The new Taurus will arrive in China by the end of this year. Since we are talking about the sedan which just had its debut on the world market, it is natural that we do not have any price lists. Moreover, there are not even predictions regarding potential price ranges for this model. We would have to wait a little bit for this. Anyway, let’s see what it has to offer.

front view

Taurus Exterior Design

The exterior design of 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version is the demonstration of elegance, style and power since this sedan has very aesthetically pleasing contours and edges which are only embellished by nicely incorporated LED headlights and taillights. There are some rumors that the Taurus 2016 would be made only for the small group of chosen clients. The car itself is going to have alloy wheels 19 inches in diameter, and they would also give the impression of modern and powerful vehicle. The total length of the new Ford model is 197 inches, while its wheelbase has the length of 166 inches. Given that it is a sedan, it is not a surprise that it comes with four doors and a trunk door. It must be emphasized that the front bumper has a very aggressive, yet modern look.


Interior Styling, Equipment

The interior of the 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version will be made for the capacity of maximum five passengers and everything is going to be made in order to provide maximum comfort to them. First of all, the seats are going to be made from the first class materials. Then, there would be numerous settings, like rear-seat air conditioning, which would have the purpose only to satisfy passengers. Furthermore, there would be a touchscreen which numerous settings which could be also found on the dashboard. A sunroof is also going to be available on the Ford Taurus 2016, as you can see in the photo below.


Engine, Specs, Transmission

It is unknown what type of engine and how powerful the Chinese Ford Taurus would have. It is often speculated that Ford will most probably use a 2.7L EcoBoost V-6 unit. However, there are not any estimates about the potential strength, i.e. horsepower and torque. The thing which is strongly believed is that the manufacturer is gonna offer this engine paired with with the front-wheel and the four-wheel drive systems. It needs also to be mentioned that the transmission is a great mystery since it is not known, not even estimated, what type of transmission the manufacturer would use in the new 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version.

front end

2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version Release Date

The mere exclusivity of this model is what would make it even more desirable by many. Even though the official presentation and first appearance of the 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version was scheduled for 2015 Shanghai Motor Show which took place in April 2015 in Shanghai, China, certain photographs and specifications leaked into the public ever earlier. However, Ford did not provide any information regarding the release date and sales in dealerships, but it is assumed that they would commence most probably during the end of 2015, maximum during the beginning of 2016.

Ford more information about the current model available in the United States, you can visit the 2015 Taurus webpage.


rear seats

rear view

2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version

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