2016 BMW 1-Series Review

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The current generation of the 1-Series has been around since the late 2011 and in this time, it didn’t change at all mainly because it didn’t need to. However, after BMW started to release their new line of cars which featured a more fluid design, the 1-Series also needed to be updated in order to fit the rest of the car range better. The 2016 BMW 1-Series brings quite a lot of improvements to the table and not just a design update. The car’s chassis has been revised in order to make it even better on the road, while the high performance version is heavily updated with an improved engine and a lighter body.

front view

Release Date and Price

On top of all these, the 2016 BMW 1-Series range is going to see the introduction of a new model to the range, a sedan version, but more on that a bit later. Unlike the previous model, the base price will drop by almost 1000 dollars which is mostly thanks to the sedan that will take the role of the base model. So, expect a price of about $30,000. In the United Kingdom it starts at £21,370, while in Germany its price is €23,700. The release date has been set for the spring of 2015 for the usual models, while the sedan will come some time in 2016, most likely in the second quarter.

rear view

Interior and Exterior Design

There aren’t that many changes inside the 2016 BMW 1-Series and, in fact, the dashboard as well as the seats are almost identical. However, the details changed quite a lot with the car receiving a much nicer infotainment center and navigation unit, which is not only easier to use but also prettier. The standard equipment level now includes a few more things such as aluminum inserts, better and softer cloth upholstery, as well as ventilated front seats which is a first for BMW. The top of the range model, the M of the 2016 BMW 1-Series is now going to receive a new set of seats, which will be similar to what the M4 gets. That is always a nice touch.


The exterior of the new model also changed, but not as extensively as we would like. In fact, most of the 2016 BMW 1-Series are similar to the 2013 model, but of course, there are some changes to the front end, as well as to the wheels the car is available with. There is a new set of headlights in the front which include LED technology as standard, while at the back the taillights feature a slightly different shape. Overall, the all lineup looks quite sporty and modern.


Engine Lineup, Performance, Fuel Economy

Just like with the previous model, the 2016 BMW 1-Series is going to feature a lot of engines. In fact, there are 10 to 12 engine options which is a bit too many in this category. The base is now a 1.5L Inline-3 producing 110 horsepower, while further up the range a 1.6-liter I-4 is available with two power ratings of 136 hp and 177 horsepower. A 2-liter engine delivering 218 horsepower or a 3-liter unit with 326 horses are also available. All of these come as standard with rear-wheel drive and a new ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox. There are several diesel offerings with power ranging from 116 hp up to 224 horsepower. Fuel consumption ranges from 30 miles per gallon for the Inline-6 up to 60 mpg for the diesel engines. Top speeds range from 124 mph to 149 mph (200-240 km/h).


The big news though come in the form of the sedan which is going to be a FWD model that will be offered with similar engines to the 2-Series Active Tourer. This is intended as a competitor for the CLA so we might see a four wheel drive M model at some point in time.


Check out the rest of the images of the 2016 BMW 1-Series in this photo gallery.


front view

rear view

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2016 BMW 1-Series

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