2015 Toyota Aygo Review, Design, Specs, Release Date

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At the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, there is one model in particular that caught the attention of the small car lovers – the 2015 Toyota Aygo. The greatly improved second generation of this hatchback has impressed many people.

front view

New Aygo Exterior Design

Toyota decided to stick it to the French model competitors and dazzle them. And clearly, true to their intentions, they really dazzled. In the previous year, Toyota has many of the best-selling models. The advantage that they have over the competitors should be maintained in the coming years and as a result, the company has opted to go with a much bolder design. While the competitors dwell on massive grills and rounded lights, the new 2015 Aygo seems to take another totally different approach – technology.

2015 Toyota Aygo

The design of the 2015 Toyota Aygo has been pointed out as being playful, which helps it connect to the youthful modern day culture. It seems to favor more pronounced and strong forms and shapes. The front of the new model has the much identifiable X-form with the headlights resembling the eyes of a character in the manga comic book. And instead off a square like designs for the taillights, the hatchback now features two vertically positioned clusters, while the rear glass door has no frame that shouts classic.

rear view

Interior Design

As for the interior, as well as the exterior, it calls for the consumers to be creative and designers of their own cars. How you may ask? Well, there are several parts of the 2015 Toyota Aygo that can be replaced with ease for another color and shape and that the consumer can certainly play around with. The cabin is dominated by hard plastic and the cockpit is simple, neat and has a lot of details. It is operated with a 7-inch color touchscreen which is very classy and offers lots of convenience and entertainment options to the driver.


Engine, Performance, Fuel Economy

Under the hood of the 2015 Toyota Aygo is a 1.0L petrol engine that has three cylinders and can produce only 68 horsepower and 70 pound-feet of torque. Not so impressive, but this model is primarily meant for the ladies for driving around the city. It can reach the speed of 62 miles per hour in 14.2 seconds. When it comes to the fuel consumption, the small hatchback consumes about 3.9 liters for every 100 kilometers. It will be available in five and three door variations all featuring a 5-speed manual gearbox as standard, which is good for most drivers, or optional x-shift automatic transmission. The car emits almost 90 grams of CO2 gases every kilometer.


2015 Toyota Aygo Price

Given the level of technology that the new 2015 Toyota Aygo features, there is no price set within a reasonable range that can be too high right? Well, the car should fall at a price not far above that of its predecessor. Experts predict it will be between $10,500 and $14k. In the United Kingdom, its expected base price tag is £8,995. That’s a very fair price for what you are getting in this beautiful piece of machinery. It should arrive in late 2014 or early next year.

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