2015 Tesla Model X Review

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Release date of the long-awaited Tesla Model X crossover SUV was pushed back to the beginning of 2015. The production will start by the end of 2014. Only a limited number of units will be produced. High volume production should start in the spring of 2015.

You might ask why is it moved back. The automaker wants to focus on the improvement of their other electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S. I do not know how much truth there is in all of this, because the Model S has not received any significant changes since it appeared. I guess we’ll find out more about this model in the future.

Now, lets say something about the appearance of the upcoming crossover vehicle.

Design of Tesla Model X Concept

I guess that the new 2015 Tesla Model X will be based on the concept that was presented back in 2012, so I’ll write a few details about the old 2012 Concept model.

Tesla Model X

From the front, it resembles the Model S, and yet it retains some of its own style. The overall vehicle looks elegant from every angle.

What I really like about this car are its falcon wings that open upward. They are very functional because they can be opened on a very narrow parking space. And best of all, when you get in the car you do not have to bend down. Just step in and sit down.

falcon doors

Interior Styling

As you can see on the photo below, in the cabin there are three rows of seats. Although the manufacturer claims that the car can fit up to 7 adult passengers, it seems to me that in the back there’s room for only two children or lower people.

The good thing about this car is that it has plenty of storage space. There are two cargo areas, in both the front and back.

For the dashboard, designers used a combination of high-quality materials and panoramic glass. I like this huge 17-inch touch display that shows all the info about the vehicle. It can also be used for entertainment and navigation.


Engine and Performance

What is great about this crossover vehicle is that is can run on all four wheels and has two motors. The second motor has a purpose to increase torque by 50%.

Customers will be able to choose between 40-kWh, 60-kWh and 80-kWh battery pack, depending on their needs. For example, those people who need a car to move around the city can get a model with 40 kWh battery. Its expected range will be about 145 miles. If you want to enjoy long trips, a model with 80 kWh battery pack is the right choice for you, because its range will be about 275 miles.

The 2012 Tesla Model X can reach the speed of 60 mph (~100 km/h) in under 5 seconds, which is outstanding.

dual motor

Model X Release Date and Price

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, a limited number of the new Tesla Model X units will go into production in late 2014. Full production is expected to begin in early 2015 at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California. The State of California has even helped the production of this crossover SUV by investing $10 million dollars.

If reports are true, the expected selling price of this model will be between $57,400 and $90,000, depending on the equipment.

Photo Gallery

We don’t have any photo of the upcoming 2015 Tesla Model X. However, we do have a lot of images of the old 2012 Tesla Model X concept, as you can see below.

The video below shows how Elon Musk, co-founder, CEO and product architect, unveiled this concept at the event in Los Angeles in February 2012.

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