2014 Volvo Estate Concept Review

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Recently, I wrote that Volvo posted teaser photos of the new 2014 Volvo Estate Concept and that it will be fully unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. However, ahead of its debut, the Swedish automaker decided to release a bunch of photos of the upcoming model.

Estate Exterior Design

2014 Volvo Estate Concept

Due to high demand, the Swedish manufacturer has given us an insight into this concept. The car is very long and wide, and it looks very elegant and modern. The designers have added a glass roof, so passengers could enjoy the beautiful view during driving. It also allows for better visibility inside.

On the front, there is a big floating grille with a large emblem in the center. The hood is quite low. Noticeable are the thin T-shaped headlights, that also can be found on the Concept Coupe model.

The back side also follows the new design language of the modern Volvo vehicles. The thin flash taillights somewhat reminiscent of the sickle and flow into the rear roof-mounted spoiler. On the rear bumper, there are two integrated square exhaust pipes.

This three-door concept wagon rides on big 21-inch five-spoke wheels.

rear view

Interior Styling

For the first time we can see how the interior of the 2014 Volvo Estate Concept looks like. I’m not sure if the seats that can be found in this concept will be found in the final production model as well. The seats look too thin and I’m not sure if they are comfortable.

Although the car looks bulky, there are only four leather-covered seats inside. What is unusual is that the orange seat belts are on the inside of the seat.

Orange accents are not found only on seat belts, but in the wool carpet and on the both sides of the center console as well. The small crystal gear lever also has some orange hues.

The dashboard of the 2014 Volvo Estate Concept looks futuristic. The first thing you will notice is the large touchscreen display that looks like a tablet built into the dashboard. It will allow you to manage the most of the interior features.

You can control air conditioning, see weather and traffic details, use GPS navigation, connect your phone and sync your music and other media. Of course, there are also several physical controls below the screen, e.g to activate panic lights or rear mirror defrosters.

You can also use controls on the steering wheels to control some aspects of the car. Behind it there is a digital instrument cluster with speedometer and tachometer, and between these two gauges a small display will show you additional info, such as navigation directions.

The cargo area is very spacious. Beneath the glass floor there is a set of equipment for the Viking Chess a.k.a Kubb. On the glass the rules are written, so you can learn how to play this Swedish game.


2014 Volvo Estate Concept Performance

So far, there are no details on the engine nor the performance of this concept model. We should wait for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show to find out how many ponies will drive the 2014 Volvo Estate Concept.

Photo Gallery

Below you can see recently released photos of the new 2014 Volvo Estate Concept model.

Pictures are not the only thing that Volvo posted online. Here is a trailer that shows all the details of this elegant wagon.

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