2014 Toyota U-squared Urban Utility Concept Review

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Toyota recently unveiled the 2014 Toyota U-squared Urban Utility Concept vehicle. It will make a public debut at the NY World Maker Faire this September.

2014 Toyota U-squared Urban Utility Concept Design

front view

As you can see in the photos, the 2014 Toyota U-squared Urban Utility Concept looks like many other utility vans, featuring the boxy design. The front end has a small grille with vertical LED headlights and a turn signal, which looks really cool. On the back, the taillights are not so cool, and the overall design of the rear end is nothing special.

However, it is very functional. The tailgate can be turned into a ramp, for easier loading of goods. Another interesting thing is that the roof can be rolled back, so you can turn the U2 into some kind of a pickup truck.

rear view

Interior Styling and Technology

As for the inside, given that this is an utility vehicle, the 2014 Toyota U2 Concept has only one seat. The rest of the space is intended for all the luggage, cargo and stuff. However, there is a possibility to unfold the rear seats in order to transport the passengers. And there is a lot of space inside.

The dashboard is quite simple, but still features a futuristic look. Instead of a classic gauges, there is a digital ribbon-style speedometer behind a steering wheel which looks really cool. And next to it there is an iPad that is most likely used as an infotainment system. As you can see in the photo below, there is also quite unusual automatic shifter.

There is also an utility bar on the right part of the dashboard, where you can add a mobile desk, turning the U2 Concept into a mobile office.


Engine and Performance

Unfortunately, the Japanese automaker did not reveal any details on the engine that is powering up the 2014 Toyota U-squared Urban Utility Concept. Maybe Toyota will unveil more details in New York on September 20th.

2014 Toyota U2 Concept Release Date and Price

Like I already said in the beginning of this article, the 2014 Toyota U-squared Urban Utility Concept will be presented to the wide audience at the New York’s World Maker Faire by the end of September. An utility van based on this concept could be released in the near future, maybe in 2015 or 2016.

Price, of course, is not known. However, experts predict that a production model could have a starting price of at least 30 thousand dollars.

So, what do you guys think? Would you want to see this model enter into the production? Would you buy it? Leave you comment below.

Photo Gallery

Additional photos of the Toyota U2 Concept can be seen in this photo gallery.

2014 Toyota U-squared Urban Utility Concept

tailgate ramp

profile view


dashboard utility bar

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