2014 Nissan Sport Sedan Concept Review

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The 2014 Nissan Sport Sedan Concept is a new concept model unveiled at the 2014 International Auto Show in Detroit. There is a speculation that this could be a new-generation Maxima, considering its appearance.

2014 Nissan Sport Sedan Concept Design

This attractive concept adorn massive sides of its body, decorated with distinctive design cues that clearly indicate that it is a concept car. See how it looks like from the front.

front view

The front end of the 2014 Nissan Sport Sedan Concept is dominated by a rugged V-shaped front grille, which extends to all the major groups of headlights. The headlights are characterized by sharp lines and are dominated by LED technology in the shape of a boomerang.

At the rear, there are futuristic LED taillights and a dual exhaust system (photo below). Such a nice detail on the concept are certainly the attractive 21-inch wheels, with V-shaped spokes backed by big brakes. Another very interesting solution is a sloping roof line.

rear view

Interior Styling

The interior of the 2014 Nissan Sport Sedan Concept features the futuristic design. Designers used stitched leather materials. It combines two colors, but the most interesting details are quilted seats and cabin’s attractive design. There is also an interesting center console, which covers all of the central tunnel between the front seats.

On the center console there is a rotary knob behind a stick shifter. We are not sure what is used for. However, we can assume it can be used for controling the infotainment system. The display is transparent, as you can see on the image below, and all the details like characters and images appear to float in the air. Such a cool feature.


Engine and Performance

The 2014 Nissan Sport Sedan Concept is powered by a 3.5-liter six-cylinder V-6 engine with maximum power of 300 horsepower, which is paired with Xtronic transmission with fully variable gears.

Still not officially confirmed which model this concept previews, but there is speculation that it could be a new-generation Nissan Maxima.

2014 Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

Photo Gallery

In the gallery below you can see more pictures of this beautiful sports vehicle, as well as a promotional video posted by the Japanese manufacturer at their official YouTube channel.

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