2014 Mini Clubman Concept Review

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The 2014 Mini Clubman Concept will be unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It will present the new design language of the future Cooper Clubman models.

Design of 2014 Mini Clubman Concept

2014 Mini Clubman Concept

This concept is slightly wider and longer than the current 2013 model. The new 2014 Mini Clubman Concept is officially a six-door vehicle. You see, it has a conventional four doors, and a double door on the back, instead of a tailgate.

On the front, there is a rounded hexagonal grille, small emblem above it, big ringed LED headlights (typical for all models of this company), and bulge on the hood. You will notice that the black chrome bumper is integrated with the front fenders, side skirts, rear fenders, and goes all the way to the rear bumper.

On the back, below the bumper there are two exhaust tips in the middle. The LED taillights have a unique look. You know when you throw a stone into the water it creates those rings around the center? The taillights reminds me of that. Other noticeable things on the back are the twin roof-mounted rear spoilers, barely noticeable stop light integrated between two spoilers, and large badging across the rear split doors.

The concept rides on the 7-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels. In the picture below, behind the front fender, you will notice an opening called AirBreather, whose purpose is to improve airflow. A roof has two longitudinal openings protected with plexiglass, which provides better brightness of the cabin during the day.

Overall, the car looks really elegant and modern.


Interior Styling

Due to the somewhat larger dimensions, driving the new 2014 Mini Clubman Concept will be more comfortable. Taller passengers will be able to enjoy in city driving and short trips. There are five seats in total.

The interior looks very modern, even futuristic. The seats are wrapped in black and sky blue leather, and in combination with certain elements of the same color, make a nice contrast with the Berry Red hues. As you can see in the photo below, these colors extend across the center console, dashboard, seats and on the doors, making the interior very colorful and cheerful.

What I like the most is the modern look of the dashboard and center console. The entire dashboard is made of high-quality leather and chrome materials. The Berry Red hues of the lower part match the exterior color. Behind the steering wheel there are two digital gauges.

Also, there is a big circular display, which, according to the manufacturer, adapts based on the selected content or the road conditions. On the center console there are three toggle buttons, which can be assigned to specific functions.

As for the cargo area, there will be enough room for your luggage. If you need more space, there is an additional compartment below the floor that creates more storage capacity (view the gallery after this article).


Engine and Performance

Unfortunately, I could not find any information regarding the engine and performance of the 2014 Mini Clubman Concept. I assume that those details will be revealed during the International Auto Show in Geneva this March.

Release Date and Price

This concept will preview the next Cooper Clubman. I am not sure when this new model will go into production, but we could expect it to be released during next year. The current model has a starting price of $21,400, so expect a slightly higher price of the next generation model.

Photo Gallery

Below, you can see new photos of the 2014 Mini Clubman Concept. Also, I added a couple of sketches, to see how the designers originally envisioned this concept model.

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